The Company

UK Specialist Ambulance Service (UKSAS) are experts in the provision of specialist ambulance transport. We offer the widest range of     specialist vehicles for A&E Emergency Ambulance, High Dependency Ambulance, Bariatric Ambulance and non-urgent patient transport journeys within the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. UKSAS is recognised as being one of the largest private ambulance services in operation today, providing both a cost-effective and quality service.

We operate from our Headquarters in Rainham Essex; in addition we have offices in the Home Counties, Wales, and Ireland. Our services are widely used throughout the National Health Service and by Private Healthcare Facilities, and we undertake in excess of 500,000 patient journeys per year. In addition we provide services to Event Organisers and private individuals.

Our Control Centres are operational 24-hours, 365 days per year.  Our team rosters enable us to respond to our purchasers’ requests at all times and are able to resource and mobilise vehicles and crews usually within 1 hour or less.

UKSAS fully qualified instructors undertake to develop our ambulance staff to FPOS I and Technician status. We offer a complete training package from FPOS to IHCD Technician and IHCD Blue Light Driving to NHS Trusts and other organisations.

The management infrastructure reflects many years of experience within the NHS arena. Our team has a combined service in excess of 80 years gained both from within NHS Trusts and with other healthcare organisations.


Company Ethos

UK Specialist Ambulance Service recognise that patients in their care have the right to be transported with dignity in a safe, secure environment.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service will provide the best possible patient care.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service personnel are highly aware of, and respect, the individual needs of the patient, and their relatives.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service encourage patients and purchasers to comment on the service they receive in an open manner.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service adopts a close working environment with their employees, where dialogue is encouraged and valued.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service will provide every member of its staff with the opportunity to progress and acquire new skills.

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