Secure Transport Service

UK Specialist Ambulance Services offer a unique service in the movement and care of people suffering from Mental Health Illness. Our specialist division transfer patients for the Private and Public Sectors, NHS clinics and a number of Police services.

We are registered members of the British Ambulance Association and are the only Specialist Service in the United Kingdom operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year transferring patients suffering with Mental Health Illness.

Depending on the specific needs of our clients we are also able to offer both soft cell andĀ  secure vehicles. Transport may be booked for covert and overt vehicles as required. Our staff are all Emergency Care Assistants and have attended both Control and Restraint, Conflict Management and Hand Cuff Courses which are of course certificated.


Rapid Response Car

These cars are ideal for the low risk patient, as they can take 3 staff plus the patient. Although the doors are secure you must take into consideration that if the patient has a history of violence, a more secure option should be used.

Rapid Response People Carrier

These vehicles are suited for the low to medium risk patient. These vehicles can take 6 staff plus the patient; the extra room and comfort also make them ideal for long journeys.

Our new range of Covert People Carriers is a cost effective alternative to taxies. Vehicles have tinted windows, and staff wear low-profile suits.


Covert Escorting Vehicles

These cars are used with the covert cell vehicles in High Profile / High Risk Cases by keeping the route clear, and therefore reducing the need for the secure vehicle to stop. This maintains a safe and secure transfer, and is essential where a risk is identified from either family members, the public, or to maintain anonymity.


Overt Cell Vehicles

These vehicles are fitted with a Home Office Category B approved Cell. They are used to move high risk patients who are either violent, have a history of self harm, or are an absconder, as safely as possible, protecting staff and the patient.


Covert Cell Vehicles

These vehicles are the same as the overt cell vehicles, and are used where there is a need to have an unmarked vehicle. They are often used for High Profile Cases where the patient is at risk from family members and / or the public, or to maintain anonymity.

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