International Repatriation

Taking care of a loved oneĀ  can be stressful enough when they are poorly or injured, but when you need to arrange their transport home from abroad with all of the associated permutations can be overwhelming.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service can provide medicalĀ  flights to hospitals, insurance companies and individuals without travel insurance.


UK Managed Repatriations team


All UK Specialist Ambulance Service repatriation flights are managed by our UK based multilingual team and all flights overseen by our medical director who will track your flight and keep you informed at every step of the way.


A Tailored Medical Service


All our reparations are tailored to meet the patient’s particular clinical needs and having access to such a comprehensive range of medical equipment ensures that we can always have our medical team to meet the demands of virtually any medical scenario no matter where in the world it is. With teams available around the clock all year round.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service are able to offer an excellent Repatriation Service to:


The Insurance Industry


The Travel Industry


Repatriation Companies




Public and Private Companies


Hospital Trusts


The Private Health Sector


Private Customer

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