The Company

UK Specialist Ambulance Service are experts in the provision of specialist ambulance transport. We offer the widest range of specialist vehicles for urgent and non-urgent transport journeys within the United Kingdom and rest of the globe. UK Specialist is recognised as being one of the largest private ambulance services in operation today providing both a cost-effective and quality service. Operating from our headquarters in Essex with regional offices across Hampshire and Newcastle


From front line work (999 Response) to Secure Transport Officer , we can offer you a pathway to a rewarding career at UK Specialist Ambulance Service we will assist you ever step of the way.


At UK Specialist Ambulance Service, we provide specialist transport services to the healthcare sector and private clients. We understand that this is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, with a rapidly changing political landscape that sets out growing needs and performance expectations, tightening costs.


UK Specialist Ambulance Service interest and assistance in the development of international emergency service across the globe